the hubThe Healthy Urban Building (HUB) is an exciting project initiated by members of Warrnambool Community Garden Inc. and is based on a range of activities conducted from a portable retrofitted classroom. It is rapidly becoming a broad-based and representative community asset,  a vital meeting place for members and a space for food preparation/demonstrations and running workshops.

The HUB was made possible through the efforts of members, Sustainability Victoria funding, Rotary Club of Warrnambool Central and significant in-kind support from local council and businesses.  It is also South West Victoria’s first multi-purpose community eco-demonstration building and is seeking to achieve the following objectives: 1. Help reduce emissions, 2. Build community resilience to adapt to climate change and 3. promote and/or trial new methods to achieve objectives 1 & 2.

HUB Bookings

Availability: The HUB may be booked by members for activities which are related to the running of the ‘Garden or by organisational (Associate level) members. Priority will be given to ‘Garden-related activities.

HUB bookings are not available between 10.00-10.30am, 1.00 – 2.00pm and 4.00-4.30pm Monday to Friday and weekends/all days.  This is to enable other Garden users to access the HUB facilities at lunch and morning and afternoon tea times.

Conditions of use:

• Cleanliness and condition- Leave HUB as it is found

• Users to supply own tea/coffee

• Users to take their own rubbish home

• Not available for private parties

Insurance coverage:  As eligible users of the HUB will be individual or organisational (Associate level) members, insurance coverage will be through general policy.

Bookings0429 928 511 or enquiries


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